The Birthday of the World


The significance of this day, the twenty-fifth day of Elul, is not well known. The 25th day of Elul corresponds to the day that Creation began. Inasmuch that, Rosh HaShannah is associated with the creation of the world, Tishrei 1st is denoted as “the birthday of the world.” Yet, Rosh HaShannah is actually “the birthday of Adam.’

What is the difference? The beginning of the creation of the world began on yom echad, literally, one day. Adam was created on the sixth day. The sages explain that Tishrei 1st actually corresponds to the sixth day. Therefore, counting backwards five days, Elul 25 is “yom echad.”

Why is this important? Adam was the first witness, so to speak, of G-d’s creation. Although creation began on yom echad, the world was not actually acknowledged by the first human being, until the sixth day when Adam was created.

Every facet of creation was in place, at the time H’Shem crowned His creation with mankind. So, perhaps, we commemorate Rosh HaShannah as “the birthday of the world,” because, nobody existed on earth prior to that day, to appreciate G-d’s creation.

L’Shannah tovah tikateivu.
May you have a good year, and be inscribed (in the Book of Life).

Published by Tzvi Fievel

Jewish ba'al teshuvah.

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